Daniel Wardin
Daniel Wardin

   Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. - Leonardo da Vinci

Daniel Wardin


Daniel Wardin - Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Developer, Web Designer, Consultant


2012-2016   Computer Science (MEng) - University of Manchester
2010-2012   St. Columbs College - Londonderry, Northern Ireland
2005-2012   Immaculate Conception College - Londonderry, Northern Ireland


Martial Arts


Open Minded
Problem Solver


English - Native proficiency
Polish - Native proficiency
German - Elementary proficiency



Web Services
Big Data
and more...


Social - University of Manchester 2015 (In Progress)
Location based social network which promotes real social events using technology instead of replacing social life with technology
Maid - Personal Project (In Progress)
System to aid managing chores and shopping amongst house mates (mainly students)
GitHub Issues Management System - Google Summer of Code 2014
Plugin which integrates the GitHub issue management system into Xamarin IDE
Integrated Bus Management System - University of Manchester 2014
Bus rostering and route planning system developed in Java FX with Google Maps API
and more...


  •   Full Stack Business Solutions
  •   App Development
  •    Architecture Consultancy
  •    Web Development
  •    SEO - Search Engine Optimizations
  •    Real Time Systems
  •    Big Data
  •    CUDA/GPGPU Programming
  •    Technical Consultancy
  •    eCommerce
  •    Graphics Design

Dream Agility

Lead Developer

Focused on providing clients with a service to enhance their product listings on Google merchant center by modifying their data in an optimal way.
I am responsible for creating the product and it's architecture. I work all around the system from UI related work to back end Big Data style processing in C++. I oversee all major changes to the system to make sure everything is scalable and extensible.


PASS Leader\Mentor

Peer Assisted Study Scheme is a prestigious programme where older students are involved in facilitating younger students to help them with their studies and coursework.
Me and my partner are responsible for facilitating the learning of 8 1st year students. We provide them with course insight and help them solve problems with their current knowledge but our help is not limited to just the course but also to student life and any other issues they may have.


Software Engineering Intern

Kofax acquired Singularity in 2011 meaning my position was moved to Kofax. I have worked on crucial parts of the system in Silverlight, C#, JavaScript amongst others.
Most of my work is on Kofax TotalAgility which is a world class Capture Enabled Business Process Management platform for large business. It allows the client to automatically capture information from physical documents, perform tasks automatically if possible and speed up their operations.



Websites, programs, apps, consultancy and graphics design amongst others.
The work is usually via word of mouth and done around my studies and work.

UoM Audio Academy

Graphics Designer

I am the graphic designer for the society being responsible for event posters and flyers along with other banners and adverts.

Google Summer of Code

Sofware Developer

Student scheme organised by Google where students propose ideas to mentoring companies and compete amongst other students around the world to get one of the few places available for each mentoring company. It is a rigorous process which lasts months before accepted students are announced. The development process is no easier with milestones being set and reviews being collected from the mentors.
I have successfully completed the scheme by proposing and developing a GitHub Issues Management System plugin for the Xamarin IDE. I was mentored by Mono who are responsible for open source cross platform implementation of .NET.

UoM GameJam 2012

Most Addictive Game - Winner

24 hour Hackathon held at the University of Manchester by the Game Development society. Me and my team mate designed a game called Hawk in XNA 3.0 which was a 3D game locked into a 2D plane with the aim of shooting down other planes with your own plane. I was responsible for graphic design and coding whilst my friend composed a suitable soundtrack to accompany the game play. We won the Most Addictive Game Award.
We have been a few months into our first year of study during this competition and we competed and beat students from all years.


System Architect

Designed the architecture in a flexible manner to account for future expansion and maintainability. I was responsible for coding language interpreters for Python and JavaScript to allow for dynamic scripting at runtime.


Software Engineer

Work experience in college for a week which led to a summer placement after just having turned 15. I got offered a University sponsorship after my placement and have been back every summer and Christmas ever since.
I have worked all around the system from back end to front end to databases and web-services. I have also been exposed to QA testing.

DarkWater Studios

Game Tester

Single day of testing the DogFighter game with a tournament to finish the day.

Kee Kennels

Dog Handler

Responsible for taking care of dogs and cats while the owners are away on holidays. Duties include walking, feeding and cleaning the animals.
I have developed a system to manage all their records about animals and clients with a birds eye view of the kennels layout to provide an easy way of assigning animals to their pens.

Best Double Award ICT Marks Northern Ireland

A Level


Received highest marks in Northern Ireland for my work in Double Award ICT A Level and GCSE. In that year only 3 people in the whole country managed to get highest at both qualification levels in any subject.

 References available upon request.